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How to Use

CleanCurl 3D Toothbrushes

CleanCurl Render #5.jpg

Step1 : Place about an almond-sized amount of toothpaste on your CleanCurl 3-D Toothbrush.

Purple Brush Head Detail.jpg

Step 2: Start brushing once you have pressed the toothbrush onto the top of your teeth The three rows of bristles will automatically move into position. Now you are ready to brush.

CleanCurl Render #5.jpg

Step 3: Start with your back teeth and gently push the toothbrush down towards your gum. The toothbrush will automatically fit itself around the three sides of your teeth. Brush back and forth from the back of your mouth to the front in one quadrant for about 30 seconds. Once one quadrant of your mouth is clean, move to the next one, until you have cleaned all four quadrants of your mouth.

CleanCurl Render #5.jpg

Step 4: To enhance the cleaning power of the toothbrush, you can tilt the bush slightly from side to side as you brush back and forth. This allows the unique curled bristles to clean further down to the critical gum line/tooth junction where gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis often originate.


Step 5 : Rinse and repeat. Dentists worldwide recommend you brush twice a day for at least two minutes. It also great to brush after meals.

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